Over the past 4 years we’ve run a Minecraft Club, while we’ll keep Minecraft running we’ll be doing a bit more making.
When we visit schools we teach art, animation, film production, game design, model making, web design, murals and painting, graphics, electronics, prototyping, photography….. in fact anything that gets peoples creative juices flowing. Especially if there is a product and a qualification to be gained by doing it.
Minecraft club will now be called Technically Brilliant Club and it will be available in Stockport, Altrincham and Sale as an after school club. SO, that’s going to run on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Fridays. When we have even more details we’ll publish them here.

Tuesdays in Altrincham will be Technically Brilliant School. It will run in 12 week blocks and people that attend will get an Arts Award Silver(GCSE C Grades equivalent). The class will run in the daytime and is open to anyone but is primarily aimed at autistic young people(13-25). There are only five places please contact us through our contact page for costs and details. We’ll help the young people make any artwork, sculpture, costume, animation, animatronic, radio controlled thing, computer controlled thing or anything they can imagine…. within reason and not including weapons 🙂