Dunno Basket Ball

Compete against yourself or challenge your friends. A = left D = right W = jump OR the arrow keys and space bar to shoot. A nice easy one for the holidays.

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Dunno Stilted
After the challenge of our fish simulator has worn out your keyboards and fingers, we thought we’d go easy on you this month. BUT we haven’t been easy on dunno! Try your stilt walking out collect flowers from your fans and try to avoid the bouncing barrels. You need to try and keep the danger at zero.

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We thought we’d experiment with how we actually play the game, especially with touch screen devices. If you ar struggling the tip is to make sure you hit the keys or touch points in order. Look out for the special golden worms.

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Dunno Toss-it!
Dunno is testing his aim and of course helping dispose of any rubbish that’s lying around. Hold the left mouse or touch to increase the power of the throw… when you get really good you won’t even need a target ๐Ÿ™‚
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The Legend of Black Friday
Well, didn’t Black Friday cause a big fuss in the UK? Obviously we couldn’t resist making a parody of the supermarket madness. Use the arrow keys or on screen controls to guide Dunno to the wonderful discounted gifts but look out for the elbows of other customers.
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Dunno PINK!
This month are trusty adventurer is caught in some kind of pink nightmare or mirror or fireworks show. Use the arrow keys or on screen controls and see how many levels of distraction you can master!
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Pigeon Problemsย The weather has changed and while out and about doing some cloud surfing Dunno has encountered a Hitchcockian dilemma. Touch or click to rotate your cloud to avoid the masses of pigeons! Recharge your cloud by mixing with other clouds and make use of all the space. Probably, the hardest game ever!!!! No, it can’t be I can do this one ๐Ÿ™‚

Dunno Pigeon Problems Scores


It’s HOT out there, why not get yourself an nice cool lolly ice and chill out. Oh! but what’s this!!! All of a sudden you are getting attacked from all sides. The garden shed is a safe zone, if you’re on a computer press any key to start and arrows keys , mobile have to use the touch controls, xbox works too.

Dunno Buzzin High Scores

Underground JetPack
We know there’s loads of tunnels under the city of Manchester. So, while daydreaming and looking at photos and reading stories of ghosts and other nasties under the city we decided on jet powered subterranean exploration. If the industrial revolution and the development of computers can happen here why not JPSE?

Dunno JetPack High Scores

Rooftop Racer In Rooftop Racer our hero dashes to work across the skyline of Manchester finding it the quickest way to get across town. drive-by make free to play games to encourage others to learn how to make games, we provide training and courses for everyone. Get in touch if you want to make games.

Dunno Rooftop Racer High Scores

The first level of Dunno is a platform puzzle game with a sports game as a hidden distraction. drive-by crafts games from the most ridiculous ideas and if we can think it we try and make it. Dunno is like a sketchbook of game ideas, sometimes they’re not so well formulated but we hope it’s fun to play and educational, in that it gives you a glimpse in to the minds of our designers.

Dunno Basketball High Scores Dunno High Scores