drive-by studio offer young people the chance to learn ICT skills by helping them make games, robots or animations and film. We work as an alternative provision through SMS Education in Reddish, Stockport or as the name suggests we will travel to deliver a range of workshops. We bring all of our own equipment and specialist software and we deliver fun and engaging training for a school term or longer. We also deliver some community workshops at Open Studios Altrincham, currently we are running an autistic animation group on a Thursday afternoon (term time).

We use game and product design to encourage creative, calculation and written skills in young people who may be struggling in a mainstream school. Often our students find a reason to develop skills while making a product that they can’t in normal education environments. They solve game play and engineering problems to make unique products, while they build we can gather evidence for qualifications from a number of examining bodies. Although it’s considered alternative we actually go through all of the normal design steps and all of the products are student led which helps build confidence, communication and co-operative working skills.

drive-by studio has over fifteen years of experience working with SEN, EBD and PRUs and we still work on commercial products for a number of clients delivering websites through to advertising.

If you have a group of young people who would benefit from exploring what they can make with ICT please contact us to check availability through our contact form.