Technically Brilliant Club from September 2017

Over the past 4 years we’ve run a Minecraft Club, while we’ll keep Minecraft running we’ll be doing a bit more making.
When we visit schools we teach art, animation, film production, game design, model making, web design, murals and painting, graphics, electronics, prototyping, photography….. in fact anything that gets peoples creative juices flowing. Especially if there is a product and a qualification to be gained by doing it.
Minecraft club will now be called Technically Brilliant Club and it will be available in Stockport, Altrincham and Sale as an after school club. SO, that’s going to run on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Fridays. When we have even more details we’ll publish them here.

Tuesdays in Altrincham will be Technically Brilliant School. It will run in 12 week blocks and people that attend will get an Arts Award Silver(GCSE C Grades equivalent). The class will run in the daytime and is open to anyone but is primarily aimed at autistic young people(13-25). There are only five places please contact us through our contact page for costs and details. We’ll help the young people make any artwork, sculpture, costume, animation, animatronic, radio controlled thing, computer controlled thing or anything they can imagine…. within reason and not including weapons 🙂

Alternative ICT by making games and robots


drive-by studio offer young people the chance to learn ICT skills by helping them make games, robots or animations and film. We work as an alternative provision through SMS Education in Reddish, Stockport or as the name suggests we will travel to deliver a range of workshops. We bring all of our own equipment and specialist software and we deliver fun and engaging training for a school term or longer. We also deliver some community workshops at Open Studios Altrincham, currently we are running an autistic animation group on a Thursday afternoon (term time).

We use game and product design to encourage creative, calculation and written skills in young people who may be struggling in a mainstream school. Often our students find a reason to develop skills while making a product that they can’t in normal education environments. They solve game play and engineering problems to make unique products, while they build we can gather evidence for qualifications from a number of examining bodies. Although it’s considered alternative we actually go through all of the normal design steps and all of the products are student led which helps build confidence, communication and co-operative working skills.

drive-by studio has over fifteen years of experience working with SEN, EBD and PRUs and we still work on commercial products for a number of clients delivering websites through to advertising.

If you have a group of young people who would benefit from exploring what they can make with ICT please contact us to check availability through our contact form.

Pigeon Problems

Pigeon ProblemsI was in the city centre shopping and a man was very nearly struck by a pigeon, he actually dived to the ground to avoid it. Anyway, it gave me an idea for a game so we made this crazy caper. Press a key to rotate the cloud, if you manage to go through the next cloud your cloud will grow. Click here to play the game will open in a new window.

Rooftop Racer

Rooftop RacerDunno is trying to beat the traffic and get to work on time so he’s taken to riding his bike over the roofs of Manchester. Look out for the gaps. Click here to play, the game will open in a new window.



Pink! is a dream like mirror world or is it a nightmare? Survive as long as you can but don’t touch your other self. Click here to play the game will open in a new window.


drive-by studio dunnoDunno is our unfortunate protagonist, you’ll see him pop up here and there as we set more complicated tasks for him to complete. Collect the coins and make your way to the final screen, don’t forget to record your score. Click here to play the game will open in a new window.

Underground Jetpack

Underground JetpackExplore the subterranean spaces of Manchester and avoid the ghosts. To make it a little more exciting we’ve decided to give you a jetpack so mind your head. Click here to play the game will open in a new window.


RockBottomRockBottom or even fish simulator. You’ll have to swim around and eat worms to survive, the gold worms increase you time. Press the keys in sequence as though your hands are flippers. If you’re using a mobile run your thumbs through the green circles. Click here to play, the game will open in a new window.

Basket Ball

Basket Ball

Fancy testing your skills on the court. Compete against your friends in our basket ball game.
Click here to play, game will open in a new window.

Space Junk Chasers

Space Junk Chasers

Space Junk Chasers is a one or two player space classic, where players race to collect space junk before anyone else or the computer. Click here to play, game will open in a new window.

Space Junk Chasers is another quick game development made by Manchester’s nomadic game design studio. drive-by studio travel around the UK supplying game design ICT lessons and apprenticeships to anyone who wants to learn. Now, we have some opportunities for 16-23 year old to do a Creative Media Apprenticeship or Game Design and Development Apprenticeships across Manchester at  Moss Side, Stockport or Altrincham get in touch to find out more Contact us

Toss it

Toss-itIf you’re ever wondering how people come up with games spare us some thought. This game came about because one day students didn’t remove their rubbish, so to help them with the concept of cleaning up after themselves we placed a bin at the end of the studio and asked if they could get their rubbish in it… it turned in to a competition that we all joined in and now the studio is lovely an clean. It led to Toss-it which you can play by clicking here. The game will open in a new window.


Buzzin’ was made in the height of summer when all we wanted to do was relax outside with a lolly. We couldn’t so we made this to remind us of some of the perils of the summer sun. Click here to play the game opens in a new window.

drive-by studio provides alternative ICT training for young people in Manchester and all over the UK. We focus on subjects young people want to learn and help them achieve their first project whether they attend school or not. drive-by studio have a small number of creative media apprenticeships available through one of our partners for young people who have left school or are between 16 and 23 years of age. So if you’re the next youtuber or game designer maybe even a film maker get in touch and lets get on with it. Contact